Making sound decisions for your basement renovation… all about the Do’s and Don’ts

Once you have established why you are renovating your basement and what new purpose it will serve, you will then be ready to get down to the business of making it happen.

Here Are Some Basement Renovation Tips

Any major renovations to your home will take planning, as some demolition usually takes place prior to a renovation. Your basement does require as much, if not more planning, as you will be working on plumbing, electrical and structural braces.

Do check for moisture issues

Most basements, especially in older homes, tend to have moisture issues because of natural wear and tear or direct/indirect damage. Cracks in the foundation or a leak or crack in a wall, all are signs of a moisture or water issue and should be addressed and repaired prior to your renovation.

If your basement is having moisture problems. You should contact a basement waterproofing specialist immediately.

Don’t attempt to relocate any plumbing or electrical wiring yourself

Too often, a handyman/handywoman performing a renovation within his or her own residence may become tempted to rewire & redirect electrical to an alternate place for convenience. This also is true of plumbing, which can become tempting to redirect pipes or lines during the renovation by the handyman/handywoman.

Attempting to alter any electrical or plumbing in your basement to accommodate your renovation could end up costing you so much more if an error in the alteration is made by you. Contractors tend to charge a heftier price when they have to correct an issue due to an inexperienced person handling the electrical or plumbing.

Do your renovation with “access” implemented into the plans

If your basement renovation includes re-covering exposed water or drainage pipes or electrical wires, remember that you should create an “access” panel or point, in case you need to gain access to the plumbing or electrical in the future (this also includes gas lines, fuel lines, etc.).

Don’t touch your support beams or structural braces

It may be hard to believe, but the huge post that sits right in the middle of your basement that is a massive eyesore could be supporting or bracing part of the upper floor in your home. For as much as you would love to take it out to open up the room for your renovation, you will need to seek a professional’s advice about the removal of it and replacement or an alternate means of support.

If you have any basement renovation questions. Contact the experts at MapleReno. 

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