Are you looking to renovate your basement into a more functional space for your family? If so, we’ve got some great ideas for a finished basement that will turn your basement into your favourite room in the home!

A basement is like a blank canvas that allows you to create just about anything you envision. While you may have some limitations due to the amount of space you have in your basement, there are many basement ideas for small spaces you can incorporate. So, don’t let a small basement stop you from creating a basement you will love. Some of the most common basement ideas are a basement apartment, an additional bedroom and a bar.

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Basement renovation ideas are all the rage in 2021. More so than ever, homeowners are now investing in their basement because they see a great return on their renovation. When you renovate your basement, you can pretty much remodel it to serve whatever purpose you have in mind. And there are so many extraordinary basement inspirations that can truly change the appearance and functionality of your basement.

Moreover, creative basement renovation ideas not only add to your property’s aesthetic, but they also add to your house’s market value. So if you wish to profit off selling your home or renting out your basement, a renovation project is the way to go.

Your basement doesn’t always get the extra pizzazz it needs and you can remodel it without paying thousands of dollars to do so. The key is knowing what kind of basement renovation you want and deciding on the budget that best suits your design needs. You should look for basement ideas that are unique and that haven’t been used numerous times over the years. It might even help to get input from your spouse, friends, and children since they’ll be spending a lot of time in the basement.

In this article, we have combined the top basement renovation ideas in 2021 for the innovative homeowner. Implementing one or some of these ideas can significantly elevate your basement and how you use it.


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Why You Should Finish Your Basement

renovation investment

Finishing your basement is a worthwhile investment for many reasons. It allows you to make the most out of every square inch of your home by turning it into a more useful room like a family room where lasting memories can be created.

Another advantage of finishing a basement is reduced energy costs. Unfinished basement walls tend to let in drafts, resulting in the loss of heat. When basement walls are properly insulated, you can keep the cold air out in the winter and the cool air inside during the summers, allowing you to save on your family’s energy costs.

Finally, a well-designed basement can add value to your home. Because they are a coveted feature in a home, homeowners across the country are willing to pay more for a home with a finished basement. So completing your basement is an investment that essentially pays for itself over time.

Basement Renovation Ideas

Basement Theatre

The great thing about turning your basement into a theatre is that you can customize and design it however you please. Take a look at the following.

Ultimate Comfort

Movie regulars know this all too well; the chairs suck! However, for your basement home theatre, you can fill the aisles with sectionals convenient for your back and posture. You never have to worry about craning your neck for a great view.

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basement cinema

Drape It Up

Renovating a basement isn’t just about functionality. It’s also about design. Install some home theatre curtains over the screen to enjoy the look of a real movie theatre. Your family and friends will love it!

Concession Stand

A fun idea for a basement home theatre is a food booth stocked with various snacks and candy. Better yet, get a popcorn machine so you can munch on freshly popped kernels whenever you want.

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home theater basement

Invest in High Tech

Get the comfiest recliner chairs with plenty of legroom. Equip your basement theatre with the most advanced sound system to create an authentic cinematic experience. When it comes to home theatre basements, the options are truly endless.

Basement Bar Ideas

Installing a bar in your basement is a good idea particularly if you like to entertain. Turning what can often be a gloomy room into an enjoyable space can be quite the task. But with some creativity, a good layout plan and some wet bar ideas for your basement you can be on your way to a unique basement bar fit for your needs.

Some creative basement bar ideas include:

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  • Custom pullout drawers. These types of drawers allow you to stock your bar well by providing storage space for bottles. This is a great way to maximize space.
  • Unique seating. One way to make your basement bar stand out is by incorporating seating that is unique and brings out the fun and creative side of you. You can select booth-style seating which tends to add a friendly feel to your bar or incorporate personalized stools.
  • Plank countertop. If you have a small basement and space is an issue, find ways to maximize that space. Remember, you don’t have to have a full-sized bar. You can still enjoy having a bar in your basement in a way that works well for even smaller basement spaces. A plank counterpart gives the bar a luxurious look and makes great use of corner space.
  • Lighting. Since basements are known to be dark, think about ways to incorporate lights to illuminate your bar area. You can either hardwired lighting or you can have some lamps and other options at the lighting options to help how to brighten things up.
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Legal Basement Apartment

basement in-law suite completed in innisfil

Many property owners today see their basement as an opportunity to make money on the side. Therefore, renovating it into a legal basement apartment makes sense. Not only do you elevate your basement as a whole, but you also renovate it with a permit-ready floorplan. This way, you can easily register it with the city and rent it out without hassle. If you want to convert your basement into a legal secondary suite, consider the following.

Becoming a First-Time Basement Landlord

You are not alone if you are designating your basement renovation to meet the requirements of rentable space. Many homeowners see the benefits and the sweet monthly monetary returns from renovating their basement into an apartment.

basement apartment
renovated basement with wooden bar and wall unit

Open-Concept Unit vs. Small Individual Rooms

No matter what seems to be trendy and how it changes frequently, an open-concept for a basement apartment is always hands-down, a winner for rentable space. Leaving the unit open concept provides a “larger-looking” space as opposed to small, cramped rooms that create struggles for tenants (they are forced to place their belongings and furniture in certain spots due to the restrictions of walls). The bathroom should be the only closed-off space and, if creatively done, it will again give the illusion of a larger, standard-sized apartment, not a basement.

Pick the Right Materials

If you take these factors into consideration, then it is almost impossible to miss the mark with your renovation project:

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The basement ceiling height

The ceiling height must be at least 7 ½ to 8 feet. This will accommodate a tenant that is over 6 feet tall. It also gives the space a “mediocre apartment” kind of feeling, not a dimly-lit basement.

The width of your basement living space

The width of the space is also a key factor. The area should still have comfortable moving-around space to avoid constant knee-banging on furniture.

minimalism basement renovation
Basement renovation

Flooring materials

Basement floors are the part most susceptible to damage. You cannot expect your tenant to care for your floors as much as you do. For this reason, you have to install basement flooring that is durable, water-resistant, and climate-friendly.

For a wet basement, we recommend porcelain or ceramic tiles. Either option is good because they’re water-resistant and solid. For a dry basement, however, consider laminate or vinyl. Laminate is the go-to basement flooring option, while vinyl is more high-end.

Colour Schemes

Choose your décor (lighting & accessories) to be a neutral and light colour. Light colours again provide the illusion of a larger space and come off as more cozy and friendly.

renovated basement with a fireplace

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Basement Rec Room

finished basement ideas

Many people tend to convert their basements into game rooms or otherwise entertainment rooms. If you are an avid gamer, you can install a PlayStation or Xbox into your basement, and even throw in some surround sound! However, you need to assess the basement support beams make sure the sound waves from your speakers doesn’t weaken them.

Moreover, you can even go all out with your basement renovation and add some pinball machines. A pool or foosball table is another fun idea, too. Creating a basement game room will make you a neighbourhood favourite, for sure.

Basement Library

You can also, if you prefer the quiet life, convert your basement into a quiet reading room. With the right basement interior design, your basement can easily look like a Pinterest inspiration idea.

You can install a wall-length book library that features all your favourite novels and authors. You can even add a cozy recliner with an ottoman for a perfect reading atmosphere. A bean bag is a piece to consider, as well. Many homeowners also choose to add a desk to turn their basement library into a functional study or workspace.

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Basement Gym

basement fitness

For the gym rats out there, creating a basement gym is a terrific idea. You can enjoy your personal workout space that’s customized for your fitness goals and needs. Install your favourite cardio machines and barbell stand to have your own conditioning room. You can even install carpeted floors for your morning yoga and meditation routine.

If your basement is big enough, you could even bring in inspectors and contractors and see about putting in a Jacuzzi in your basement. Installing a Jacuzzi in a basement gym is a great way to unwind after an intense workout. However, your basement would have to undergo special renovations to make it possible to accommodate even a hot tub just big enough for you. There’s a bunch of hoopla to go through in this event, but if you like relaxation, the trouble is worth it.

Furthermore, if you’ve been putting off adding a fitness room to your basement because you have small children and don’t want them to get hurt, here’s an exciting idea to consider. Create a fitness room with glass doors that overlook your children’s play area. This way you’ll be able to work out while supervising your young kids. You’ll be multi-tasking and your children will still know that you’re in the immediate area.

This glass door idea can work with other types of rooms as well. You may want to set up an office, a sewing room, a man cave, or any other type of personal space that you want. This way, you can get your stuff done while overseeing your children at the same time.

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Spare yourself a gym membership and sharing workout machines. If you’re a fitness buff, building your own gym in the basement is the perfect basement renovation idea for you.

Basement Music Studio

If you’re more of an artsy type, you may convert your basement into a painting studio. Additionally, with the right music equipment and soundproofing, you can create an efficient band practice room if you’re a musician. Decorate the basement walls with photos of yourself and the band and you can also tape the floors with scraps of paper that contain the lyrics to your songs. Why not even include a refrigerator and stove in the practice room so you can cook meals before or after practice.

Imagine pseudo-Mona Lisa and Beethoven in the same room. What a harmonious blend! You can also install basement upgrades based on how you plan to use it.

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Basement Office


If you’re a freelance writer or web designer you can create a quiet workspace in the basement. Place a wireless router in the basement so you can have the Internet in your home office and you can place a tall file cabinet, oak desk, leather chairs, one to two area rugs and a radio in the basement. Put a room divider in the middle of the basement to create a meeting room that is separate from the office space you work in.

Pet Sitting Dogs in the Basement

Among lucrative basement renovation ideas is to use it for a small business. You could turn your basement into a doggie daycare and get clients by passing out brochures, building your own website, and social media outreach.

The basement should be big enough to hold at least 20 or more dogs. Make sure that you take care of legal matters such as taxes, contracts, and animal safety.

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Jazz Club At Home

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If you love jazz clubs you can turn the basement into a homemade and relaxing jazz club. Purchase some metallic silver chairs and tables for the basement and install a dimmer to create sexy lighting for a club atmosphere. Place microphones and a sound system inside the basement and put posters all over the walls. Paint the walls colours such as teal, purple, gold or red.

Basement Playroom Ideas

Take a look around the Internet for some exciting ideas for playrooms. If you have little girls, for instance, the whole area can be transformed into a princess castle with some simple paint designs and fabric. If you have a young son as well, part of the room can be turned into a moat where a fierce dragon lives that needs to be slain. These projects and many others can be done on a limited budget. Take a look through other people’s designs and it may get your own creative juices flowing. This makes a fantastic family project that your kids can help with!

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Basement Wine Cellar

basement wine cellar toronto

When you have three or four people that live in a home, you’ll often also have three or four collections going on at the same time.

If you find that your house is getting cluttered upstairs, you can create a collection haven downstairs in the basement. Designate specific areas to certain collections.

The basement can look beautiful when all of the collectibles are displayed properly and it will clear up some of the upstairs clutter from your home.

Call of the wild

Some people these days are creating a type of nature room down in their basements. This is a place where nature items are added to create a sense of peace and harmony in the home. If you’re a city dweller and don’t get out to enjoy nature as much as you’d like, you can put together a nature sanctuary in your own home that you can retreat to when the city life starts to get to you.

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Man Cave Basement

game-room-finished project

Remodel your basement to be a luxurious retreat where you can relax after a long day. Design for your intended purpose whether it’s to be alone, indulge in hobbies or chill with your friends. Think of your basement as a sanctuary where you’re never disturbed by the real world.

Basement Sauna

There’s no better place to add a sauna than right in the comfort of your own home! Ditch the crowded sauna at your local gym and remodel your basement into a personal sauna or steam room. With a basement sauna renovation, you can set up the thermostat to the temperature of your liking for the ultimate zen experience. The flooring most suitable for this basement idea is either porcelain or ceramic tile since a basement sauna is subject to constant moisture.

sauna basement renovation

Basement Bedroom Ideas

basement bathroom renovation

You can never have too many bedrooms in a home. Create an extra bedroom in your home by transforming your basement into a nice, quiet, cozy bedroom for guests or family members to enjoy.

One of the first things you should think of doing is making sure the walls are well insulated. This will affect the comfort of the room and will also keep the noise down to a minimum. Some basement bedroom ideas to consider are:

  • Incorporating visual space. You can make even a small basement look more spacious by choosing a floor plan that allows for as much open space as possible. Another way to “trick” the eyes is to add mirrors.
  • Use warm colours. Some colours are known to enhance rest and relaxation. Warm hues like golden yellow or cream have a warm appeal. These are a good choice for your bedroom basement. You can also use a splash of colour as an accent.
  • Add carpet. Since basement floors are cold, install a carpet to give the room a warm feel and to further insulate the basement.
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Small Basement Ideas

basement after renovation

You can still enjoy the advantages of a well-designed and useful basement on a smaller scale. If space is limited, consider creating a kitchenette instead of a full-sized kitchen and use the remaining area for a different purpose. By incorporating a sink area, some countertop space and a mini-fridge, you can have the benefits of a full-size kitchen while making the most of the space.

Some other basement ideas for small spaces are:

  • Family Room – Your basement can be a room that has something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Home Gym – Reach your fitness goals at the most convenient place – your own home.
  • Home Office – Your basement can be a great location to get work done.
  • Basement Bedroom – If a full apartment is unrealistic for your basement, consider converting your basement into a bedroom for guests or family members who come to visit.
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Finished Basement Ideas

finished basement by Maple Reno

The ideas for a finished basement are endless. With creativity and the right team of professional contractors to help, you can transform your basement into just about any kind of room possible. Some common ideas for a finished basement are:

  • Family room
  • Sauna
  • Game room
  • Children’s playroom
  • Home entertainment centre
  • Basement apartment

Basement Ideas FAQs

Do wet bars add value?

Yes , adding a wet bar can be a great weekend project that can add value to your home.

Got More Basement Renovation Ideas?

As you can see, there are plenty of basement renovation ideas to choose from and these are just a few! If you have a vision in mind and would like to make it happen, reach out to basement renovation professional. You can exchange ideas and design inspirations to achieve the renovated basement you’ve always dreamed of having.

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