If Your Basement is Currently in the “Raw” State

If you are facing the daunting task of trying to work out & plan a basement renovation, but your basement is in a “raw” state, then you definitely have your work cut out for you and you need to kick the whole process off with a keen sense of scrutiny. Basement inspection before basement renovation is a need initial step.

Obtaining the assistance of a professional contractor while you check every square inch of your basement (beginning with the foundation) would be in your best interest, especially if you are not proficient enough to spot different structural issues.

If you want to give the investigation process a go on your own, you should make a checklist of scenarios that would be an issue for a basement renovation, such as noticeable cracks in your foundation (spider cracks on the walls), a level floor surface and potential water or condensation issues.

Ensure You are Beginning with a Sound Space

Once you have established that your floors, walls and exterior walls (can be viewed from the outside of your home) are all in sound condition and no repairs or bracing is needed, you can then take notice of any obstacles that would interfere with your renovation.

Renovated basement living room

Hot water tanks, furnaces or oil tanks and support beams & moisture tend to throw a wrench into the planning process of a basement renovation, so this is another prime reason for having a contractor handy, as there will be advice given professionally on how to get around or relocate these objects to ensure a smoother renovation.

Weather Has a Big Part to Play When it Comes to Your Basement Renovation Plans

The outside weather does indeed affect your basement, from the outside to the inside. Water or humidity have an uncanny way of finding weak points in a foundation, breaking through over time from rain and humidity, and causing the outside water or moisture to make its way inside and into your basement.

This is why the investigation process is so important. You simply cannot begin to renovate your basement with the hopes of just covering over issues, as they will spring out on you in the future and may end up being more costly later down the road (as the issue has had time to worsen), rather than if you had just fixed the problem at the onset of the renovation planning process.

If you have any questions about your basement inspection before basement renovation, contact our team today and we can give you some pointers!

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