Maple Reno is the trusted expert for basement renovations in Toronto. We offer renovation financing and free interior design options for your Project. We bring years of measurable results and five-star customer reviews on Google, HomeStars, Houzz, and more. You dream it we build it. Start your renovations with a free estimate for basement renovations cost in Greater Toronto Area 2023.

Our Areas of renovation services are Vaughan, Woodbridge, Maple, King City, Richmond Hill, Markham, Stouffville, Newmarket, Aurora, North York, Etobicoke, and areas around these cities.

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Basement Renovations Toronto

Combining the skill and expertise of the industry’s top basement renovators. Your Trusted Basement Renovations Toronto Basement Finishing contractors.


Stage 1: Basement Renovations Toronto Assessment and Quote

Call us to request a free at-home consultation with one of our basement renovation experts. We will come to your home to evaluate your basement, assess the foundation, and understand the scope of work. We will then offer you a free, no-obligation quote for the project using our accurate basement renovation cost estimation tools. This stage is also a great opportunity for you to address any concerns you have and ask questions regarding your basement renovation.

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Stage 2: Basement Renovation Floorplan & Design

Upon agreeing to the contract, our design professionals begin planning for the project by sketching out the basement floorplan as well as the basement design. We base this one on the basement idea you have in mind, as well as your budget. In every basement renovation, we closely sit with our customers to understand precisely what they expect out of their renovated basement and how they want to utilize it since customer satisfaction is our #1 driving force.

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Stage 3: Build & Renovate Your Basement

Every basement renovation we work on is closely overseen by one of our project managers, fully dedicated to your project and your project only. With great attention to detail and a meticulous approach, the project manager will supervise our team to make sure every step is completed according to schedule. They will also keep you informed throughout the renovation process by providing a thorough report on the completed work thus far.

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Stage 4: Enjoy Your Finished Basement

The Maple Reno team will take care of post-renovation cleanup, making sure your new basement is free of dust and debris that may have accumulated during construction. Your basement will be fully ready to use as soon as we complete the project.

Basement Renovation FAQs

How long do basement renovations take?

There are several factors that affect the duration of renovating a basement. It includes the size, finishing, etc. We can give you a better and more accurate answer when you provide us with a free estimate for your basement renovation.

How much do basement renovations cost?

Basement renovations cost in 2023 range from $30 to over $75 per square foot. For example, a 1,000-square-foot basement would cost about $30,000 to over $75,000 to finish. Actual pricing depends on the materials and layout selected. We recommend getting you a Free Estimate. It’s better to get current cost estimates for your project.

Is basement renovations worth it?

A renovated basement will increase the space, and the square footage of your home also will increase the value of your house. It helps you create more space and also use it as a rental property. Since the pandemic, the demand for rentals has gone up a lot. As of 2023 vacancy rates are low and there is more demand for rental units. A worthwhile investment to finish your basement.

What is basement underpinning?

Basement underpinning is a process many homeowners undergo to add height to their low-ceiling basements. This process includes excavation underneath the foundation of the property and building a new deeper foundation.

Can I renovate my basement into a kitchen?

For newer homes that have a basement with plenty of headroom, adding a kitchen in the basement is a fantastic idea, especially since the plumbing and drain lines are close by. This makes the process of setting up water-consuming appliances such as a dishwasher or a sink much easier and inexpensive. If you’re short on space, you can opt for a basement kitchenette.

What is a legal basement?

A legal basement is one that complies with local building codes and zoning bylaws and is thus registered with the municipality as a livable space to rent out to prospective tenants for generating rental income. 

What is the best type of flooring for basements?

The most popular choices for basement flooring are laminate and vinyl planks, seeing as they’re durable and moisture-resistant. These two basement flooring options are great for a basement living room, playroom, or bedroom. However, for a basement kitchen or bathroom, ceramic or porcelain tiles make the best flooring option.

How can I add height to my basement?

You can add height to a low-ceiling basement by either underpinning it or benching it. You can also use some interior design elements that give the illusion of a higher basement such as recessed lighting instead of hanging lights, avoiding crown molding, painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, and using a high-gloss finish on the ceiling.

Does renovating my basement add market value to my basement?

Renovating your basement adds plenty of market value to your home because a renovated basement is built to serve a specific purpose, whether it be a bathroom basement, at-home office, or game room, which is an extremely appealing feature in the real estate world. You can rent your legally finished basement to tenants very easily in 2023 because in this market the demand for rental is quite high with a significant increase in population across Canada especially in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. A property with rental income from the basement rental has a higher value that helps to pay for the mortgage payments and generates extra income for you.

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Our service areas for basement finishing and renovations include Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, Etobicoke, Maple, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Stouffville, Bradford, Innisfil, Barrie, and more.

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Basement Renovations Toronto

You’ve come to the right place! Maple Reno is a professional basement finishing company based in Toronto. Save Now and Get a Free Quote.

We offer turnkey basement finishing solutions to our valued clients all over Toronto and the GTA. Your unfinished basement will become one of your most-used rooms in your home after we convert it into your own personal gym, theatre, family room, or a storage area.

With unlimited possibilities and a team of seasoned basement contractors by your side, you are a phone call away from the basement of your dreams. Your dedicated project manager will answer any questions you have throughout the process, and our quality standards are unmatched in the industry.

How Our Basement Finishing Benefits You

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If you’re on the fence about your basement project, think of the many advantages to finishing it.

  • With basement finishing, you turn your unfinished basement into a space you can use for many purposes, such as a guest room, a basement kitchen, a bathroom, a game room, etc.
  • If you consider reselling your house, a finished basement adds a lot of market value to your property.
  • Finishing your basement means you have the option to create an energy-efficient basement that saves you energy and money in the long run.
  • You can finish your basement for the purpose of renting it out. We can help you create a legal secondary suite that you can use as a basement apartment; all permit-ready floor plans.

Finishing your basement is a wonderful investment, especially if you hire a professional basement finishing company like Maple Reno. Every basement finishing project we work on is completed to the highest standards. We also comply with the Ontario Building Code in every aspect of the work by using safe basement materials and following safety bylaws.

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Our Basement Finishing Process

Finishing a basement is a big financial undertaking, which is why we will give you the best basement finishing service for your budget. With us, you don’t have to break the bank for a quality finishing job. We will work closely with you to accommodate your budget and make sure you have the best deal for your money.

We understand that finishing your basement is a hassle. To this end, we make sure we finish your basement quickly without compromising quality. Moreover, we offer basement waterproofing when we finish your basement only because we want to spare you the trouble of dealing with a flooded basement after heavy rainfall.

Basement Renovations Toronto Finishing Costs

We value your time, money, and effort. Therefore, our finishing process is quick and efficient. When you hire us to finish your basement, be sure that the quote we give you is honest and transparent; no hidden fees, and no fine-print terms. We will then set a timeframe in which we complete the job according to schedule. Get Your Quote Today.

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Basement Finishing and Basement Renovations Ideas for 2023 and Beyond

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When it comes to our basements, we usually see these rooms as drab and we don’t always know what to do with them. Thankfully there are numerous ways to decorate your basement and you can choose from the most outlandish to the most sophisticated design scheme. Many families use the finished basement as a home theater room or games room while others have created beautiful bedrooms in the basements.

If you’re stuck on ideas, talk to us or took through interior design magazines and talk to those who are experienced in decorating to get suggestions. Here are some basement finishing ideas to start with.

Finished Basement As Your Child’s Playground

If your child’s bedroom is small, you can provide another room for the child to hang out in by turning the basement into a playroom. Install soft and stylish carpeting in the basement and you can put a few boxes of your child’s favorite toys in the basement. If you want your child to not depend on video games for entertainment you can put jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, and craft materials in the playroom for the kids to enjoy. Paint the basement walls in fun and gender-neutral colors such as tan, blue, yellow, green, red, and orange.

Finished Basement Renovations Toronto
Basement Renovations Toronto

Upgraded Finished Basement Gym

For those who hate to go to the gym, why not take your workout home with you and turn the basement into a home gym? Purchase a treadmill, free weights, barbells, a trampoline and other exercise equipment to put in the basement. Install central air conditioning in the basement to cool you off after workouts and you can put a stereo system in the basement to have workout music. Install a walk-in shower with a door and why not a nice jacuzzi too?

Create A Second Dining Room

Another option is to create a second dining room in the basement if you entertain guests a lot. Repaint the walls with a neutral tone such as off-white or a light grey and either use a contemporary or a more elegant dining room set for the basement. You can install dark or light hardwood floors in the basement dining room and put some pretty seasonal flowers on the dining room table. Some bold coloured wall decals would also look nice.

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In conclusion, these ideas will turn your basement from drab to fabulous within days or weeks. Plan out the design before doing the renovations and choose quality over affordability when buying the materials for the project.

If you’re looking for help with your ideas, planning and basement renovation Toronto or other areas in GTA, count on the Maple Reno team to do just that!

Basement Finishing FAQs

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We can’t wait to help you finish your basement and have the property you’ve always wanted. The experts at Maple Reno lead with dedication, commitment, and passion. Take a look at our gallery for some basement finishing and basement renovation ideas. Your journey toward a finished basement begins here! Give us a call at 647-982-8008 or send us an email with your request. We’ll be reaching out to you shortly.

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Basement Renovations Toronto Contractors

Maple Reno is a white-glove renovation contractor in Toronto. By offering multiple renovation services under the same roof, we eliminate the hassle of you coordinating between different contractors for a single project. This is why we specialize in condo renovation, home renovation, basement finishing, and basement renovations. As one of the best general contractors in the GTA, you can trust our team with all your home renovation needs.

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Basement Renovations Toronto

A leading basement renovation Toronto-based company, Maple Reno has built its reputation over years’ worth of renovation and remodeling experience, friendly customer service, and quick turnaround. Our customers around the GTA are always satisfied with our renovation projects because our work reflects just how much we care. The next time you’re searching for Toronto contractors, look no further than Maple Reno.