Maple Reno is a leading renovation company that has over 20 years of experience in the industry. We have helped many homeowners in Barrie with their renovation project and cannot wait to assist you with yours. As reputable renovation contractors, we take pride in our high work ethic, innovative designs, and exquisite taste. Our basement renovations Barrie service is one that you will not regret choosing.

Basement Renovations Barrie

Custom Wall Decor in Amazing Basement - Basement Renovation Barrie

Make the most use of your basement by renovating it! Renovating a basement is a worthy investment because it allows you to utilize it to its maximum capacity. And we can help you renovate your basement into virtually anything.

Luxury Basement With Coffered Wall Decor - Basement Renovation Barrie

With basement remodeling, you have the option to renovate it either for your own personal use or to rent it out. And we’re here to work on your basement regardless of its intended purpose.

We encourage you to browse our portfolio to see some of our favourite basement renovation ideas.


Home Renovation Barrie

Luxury Home Design - Home Renovation Barrie

If you’ve just purchased an older home or your current one needs an upgrade, a complete home renovation will do you good. Many homeowners in Barrie choose to renovate their house, especially if it’s 10+ years old. And Maple Reno is the renovation contractor for this type of project. We offer home renovation services that cover every part of your house as needed.

As a residential renovation company, we guarantee our service is always up to standard. To ensure your safety and health, we comply with Barrie’s zoning bylaws and building regulations. We also only use biodegradable materials that are non-toxic. This way, not only do you protect yourself and your loved ones, but you also help the environment. We also provide energy-efficient home renovation for the eco-friendly homeowner.

Kitchen Renovation Barrie

Kitchen Renovation Project Barrie

Looking to renovate your kitchen cabinets? Maple Reno is here to do the job! Kitchen renovation projects are always in demand for, and that’s for several reasons:

  1. You can customize the layout when you remodel your kitchen
  2. Get rid of old kitchen flooring and install new, fresh tiles
  3. A renovation is a perfect option for small kitchen ideas
  4. You get to increase your property’s market value when you renovate your kitchen

We believe that quality kitchen renovation can do wonders for your home. Thus, we do our best to make our services accessible to Barrie homeowners. Our kitchen renovation costs are fair and accurate, with no hidden fees. And we don’t cut corners nor skimp on quality, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal for your renovation when you hire us.

Bathroom Renovation

Amazing Master Bathroom Renovation Project in Barrie

Renovating your bathroom is a necessary evil for many property owners. Given the fact that the bathroom is always subject to moisture and dampness makes it susceptible to damage. Sure, periodical maintenance does the trick, but sometimes, a bathroom remodel is the only solution.

Maple Reno offers bathroom renovation services in Barrie. We implement a variety of bathroom renovation ideas that fit into your budget and suit your lifestyle. With our bathroom designs, finishes, and flooring options, you’re sure to find exactly what you like. If you’re tight on space, we can also provide small bathroom ideas and give you suggestions on how to add space to your bathroom.