The “Funhouse” Effect that Many Older Homes Possess

Many older homes have uneven basement floor. Even some newer ones that were not properly built can possess that “funhouse” effect that every contractor rolls their eyes at. This effect is basically when your home is sloping and it is caused by your foundation and working its way up.

An uneven basement floor is a good indicator that your house is sloping and if this is the case, you will have some
major decisions to make prior to planning and executing any type of basement renovation.

To “Raise” the Issue or to Just “Level” it Out

You have some options as to how to deal with your sloped home, but it really depends on your budget and your long-term commitment to this particular home.

Imagine you have a house that is like the Leaning Tower of Pisa; you can choose to straighten and level it out by raising the home in a particular area, to completely stabilize it and provide you with a solid and straight structure to work with. This would be the ideal way to go if you are investing in your home with a long-term investment in mind.

Another solution to this undesirable issue is to just level out the basement floor and allow the upper parts of your home to remain in the “funhouse” sloped effect.

You will need to look into any permits you may need to complete any overhaul of your basement or overall home structure (your contractor can also help you with determining if and what you will probably need).

Your Home is Forever Evolving Over Time

As you begin the planning process of your basement renovation, you should keep in mind that houses keep evolving and changing their state of condition with each year that passes. Your renovation will also settle in time and begin to show signs of wear, tear and usage, so this should be considered when you are making decisions about the materials and supplies that you want to use in your basement renovation.

Again, if this home is a long-term investment for you, then you may want to consider alternative materials for the basement flooring, walls and ceiling that is durable, mold & water-resistant and effective for how you want to utilize the renovated space when it is completed.

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