Your basement doesn’t always get the extra pizzazz it needs and you can remodel it without paying thousands of dollars to do so. The key is knowing what kind of basement renovation you want and deciding on the budget that best suits your design needs. You should look for basement ideas that are unique and that haven’t been used numerous times over the years. It might even help to get input from your spouse, friends, and children since they’ll be spending a lot of time in the basement.

Here are a few basement remodeling ideas to choose from.

Freelancer’s Home Office

If you’re a freelance writer or web designer you can create a quiet workspace in the basement. Place a wireless router in the basement so you can have the Internet in your home office and you can place a tall file cabinet, oak desk, leather chairs, one to two area rugs and a radio in the basement. Put a room divider in the middle of the basement to create a meeting room that is separate from the office space you work in.

Basement remodeling ideas

Band Practice Room

With the right music equipment and soundproofing, you can create an efficient band practice room if you’re a musician. Decorate the basement walls with photos of yourself and the band and you can also tape the floors with scraps of paper that contain the lyrics to your songs. Why not even include a refrigerator and stove in the practice room so you can cook meals before or after practice.

Petsit Dogs in The Basement

Another idea is to use your basement as a way to earn money. You could turn your basement into a doggie daycare and you can get clients by passing out brochures, building your own business website, using social media, and telling loved ones about your new basement remodeling ideas. The basement should be big enough to hold at least 20 or more dogs. Make sure that you take care of the legal matters such as taxes, contracts and issues pertaining to employees’ rights and your rights as an employee.

Jazz Club At Home

If you love jazz clubs you can turn the basement into a homemade and relaxing jazz club. Purchase some metallic silver chairs and tables for the basement and install a dimmer to create a sexy lighting for a club atmosphere. Place microphones and a sound system inside the basement and put posters all over the walls. Paint the walls colors such as teal, purple, gold or red.

As you can see, there are plenty of basement remodeling ideas to choose from and these are just a few!

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