The Maple Reno renovation process is organized, thorough, and meticulous. Our teams are equipped with the skills it takes to guarantee a smooth renovation. With many years of experience in the renovation industry, we have the professionalism and commitment necessary for a successful project.

Our Step-by-Step Renovation Plan

We complete our projects in these 5 simple steps:
Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
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Step 1: Get in Touch with Us

If you’ve checked out our gallery and liked what you saw, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us a request and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Step 2: We Come to You

We come to your house for a free in-home consultation. During the consultation, we take measurements and determine the scope of work. We also inspect all your plumbing, HVAC, ducts, rough-ins, and other work logistics. Our work always complies with the Ontario Building Code as well as municipal bylaws to ensure your safety.

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Step 3: Quoting

Within a week of our initial meeting, we give you an accurate quote that covers all aspects of the project. Our quoting process isn’t automated. We calculate everything manually to ensure full accuracy and transparency in our quotes. As soon as we agree on a contract, we determine a start date.

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Step 4: Renovation Begins

Before we begin, we offer a free design consultation for a number of reasons:

  • To have a clear idea of the renovation process
  • For you to share your thoughts with us, your preferences, and your vision
  • For us to offer our expert recommendations for interior design, layout, materials, color schemes, and styles
  • To guarantee your house exudes fine taste while still complementing your house’s identity
Renovation process at Maple Reno

Furthermore, our renovation services cover every aspect of the property. Our in-house team of designers, subcontractors, plumbers, and electricians offer one-stop renovation solutions. We take care of plumbing, electrical, utility wiring, drywall installation, insulation, waterproofing, flooring, and much more.

Additionally, the duration of the renovation process varies from one project to another. There are many factors that affect how long renovation takes to complete such as the size of the space, the work involved, and availability of materials. We also attend to every detail in the renovation, making sure it’s up to standard, efficient, and damage-free.

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Step 5: After Renovation

After we finish the renovation job, we take care of the post-renovation cleanup. This includes the removal of garbage, rubble, and any sort of construction debris. We also offer all our customers free duct cleaning to remove any dust that may have accumulated in the air vents during the renovation.

Our Warranty

All our renovation projects come with a comprehensive 1-year warranty that covers all the labor, including installation and materials. Moreover, we honor our warranties 100% so if you contact us about a problem in your renovated space, we will be at your doorstep to fix it in under One week of you notifying us.

House renovation is an exciting project for any homeowner or landlord. All you have to do is contact us, communicate your vision, and we’ll take the hassle right out of renovating your home. Whether you’re remodeling your condo, house, basement, or kitchen, we’ve got you covered.

Our service areas for basement finishing and renovations include Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, Etobicoke, Maple, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Stouffville, Bradford, Innisfil, Barrie, and more.