When it comes to our basements, we usually see this room as drab and we don’t always know what to do with it. Thankfully there are numerous ways to decorate your basement and you can choose from the most outlandish to the most sophisticated design scheme. Many families use the basement as a home theater room or games room while others have created beautiful bedrooms in the basements.

If you’re stuck on ideas, talk to us or took through interior design magazines and talk to those who are experienced in decorating to get suggestions. Here are some basement finishing ideas to start with.

Finish The Basement As Your Child’s Playground

If your child’s bedroom is small, you can provide another room for the child to hang out in by turning the basement into a playroom. Install soft and stylish carpeting in the basement and you can put a few boxes of your child’s favorite toys in the basement. If you want your child to not depend on video games for entertainment you can put jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, and craft materials in the playroom for the kids to enjoy. Paint the basement walls in fun and gender neutral colors such as tan, blue, yellow, green, red and orange.

Upgraded Finished Basement Gym

For those who hate to go to the gym, why not take your workout home with you and turn the basement into a home gym? Purchase a treadmill, free weights, barbells, a trampoline and other exercise equipment to put in the basement. Install central air conditioning in the basement to cool you off after workouts and you can put a stereo system in the basement to have workout music. Install a walk-in shower with a door and why not a nice jacuzzi too?


Create A Second Dining Room

Another option is to create a second dining room in the basement if you entertain guests a lot. Repaint the walls with a neutral tone such as off-white or a light grey and either use contemporary or a more elegant dining room set for the basement. You can install dark or light hardwood floors in the basement dining room and put some pretty seasonal flowers on the dining room table. Some bold coloured wall decals would also look nice.

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In conclusion, these ideas will turn your basement from drab to fabulous within days or weeks. Plan out the design before doing the renovations and choose quality over affordability when buying the materials for the project.

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