The ability to customize the space you live in to your liking is a dream come true for many homeowners. Condos are no different. While there are some things to be mindful of when renovating a condo, the process can be just as exciting and worthwhile as renovating any other kind of residence.

Known for its modern living appeal, condo occupancy has increased in recent years because more and more families want to enjoy city living. And with the right small condo ideas, a condo remodelling project can make your apartment look and feel more spacious. In this article, we will discuss the different things you can do in each room of your condo to make the most out of the space.

Condo Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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Condo kitchens are often seen as one of the most valuable rooms in the house. Despite having less space to work with, renovating the kitchen in your condo can help you get even more value for your home if you choose to sell. Kitchens don’t have to be dark, gloomy and cluttered. In fact, there are a number of condo renovation ideas you can implement to maximize your kitchen space.

The layout of your kitchen is crucial, and the decision on which layout to go with should be planned well. If you have a small condo, consider an open concept floor plan which will help make the space appear larger. This is a great advantage particularly if you enjoy entertaining.

Some kitchen condo layouts a closed off completely and have a doorway to access the kitchen. This can make the kitchen feel cramped. You can transform a closed kitchen into an open concept one by breaking down the wall during your renovation. There’s no reason why you cannot enjoy the benefits of a well-designed kitchen just because it is small.

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Condo Kitchen Walls

Sometimes it is the subtle changes to a room that make all the difference. By subtle, we mean things like changing the colour of the wall to brighten up the space. Colour is also a good way to set the mood or tone of a room. In addition, certain colours, when implemented correctly, have the ability to make a room look bigger.

If you choose to have an open-concept kitchen, one of the things you should do is have a uniform colour on the walls, unless you choose to have an accent wall. Subway tiles have become one of the popular choices for kitchen walls in recent years.

Condo Kitchen Flooring

Similar to the walls of an open-concept kitchen, you want to keep the floors as consistent as possible in terms of colour and design. So if you decide to go with wood flooring, maintain that throughout the rest of your kitchen.

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Condo Living Room Ideas


Your condo living room is one you shouldn’t neglect. It is a communal area where everyone likes to gather around for comfort and relaxation. When renovating a condo, choosing the best design for your living room means figuring out what the needs of your family are and creating a room that meets those needs. Since the living room is usually the largest area in the condo, it needs careful design and needs to be aesthetically appealing yet functional.

If you decide to incorporate an open concept design, the kitchen and the living room can come together cohesively.

When it comes to the walls, simple is best. Drawing too much attention to walls by overdesigning them makes them a focal point and can make the room look busy and cluttered.

For flooring ideas, consider incorporating a rug or carpet into your living room to enhance colour and comfort. Another common option is hardwood floors. Furniture options for condo living rooms are endless. Since comfortable seating is important, consider a comfy couch and include an ottoman or bean bag.

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Condo Bathroom Ideas


Condo bathrooms tend to have limited space, so design options may be limited. However, being intentional about the layout, design and features you incorporate into your bathroom can make all the difference. When renovating a condo bathroom, think about what’s most important to you and what you want the focal point of the bathroom to be.

The scope of the project will determine how much renovation work you will need to do in the bathroom. If you’re simply updating vanity then less planning is required.

Condo Bathroom Walls

Just like the other rooms in your condo, simply changing the walls can upgrade the room. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to change the colour of the wall. Some paint colours, like neutrals, can help bring in natural light. These are the colours you want to use for your bathroom walls.

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Condo Bathroom Floors

Tiles are a popular type of flooring used in bathrooms. They create a traditional look that is also timeless. Tiles don’t have to be boring, you have a plethora of bathroom tiles to choose from and they come in varying sizes as well to help you achieve your desired look. Wood flooring is also an option many people choose for their bathrooms. If this is your choice, you will need an extra layer of varnish to protect the floors from moisture.

Condo Bedroom Ideas

Condo bedrooms offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to design. The right condo bedroom design idea has everything to do with colours, textures and furniture. Typically, your bedroom floorplan can be a studio design, a loft design or a standard closed-off bedroom. Whatever design you have, knowing how to position your furniture can make all the difference.

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Bedroom Walls in Condos

With bedrooms, you have the option of adding walls or taking them down. The key is to use colours that make the room feel cozy and welcoming. Avoid making the space crowded by eliminating some of the non-essential pieces of furniture

Using soft, neutral colours promotes relaxation. And instead of a headboard, maybe you could consider using a statement wall.

Condo Bedroom Flooring

Hardwood floors for the bedroom or an excellent choice. Also, consider wide floor panels for a smooth consistent look. A carpet is another popular addition. It feels soft under your feet and adds comfort and appeal.

Renovating a condo is a lot of work. As with any renovation project, seeking the advice of an expert can help guide you in making the best choice for your next condo renovation project.

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