Many homeowners have taken advantage of converting their basements into spaces the family can utilize. Historically, the basement was a dreaded space you used as storage, and people were terrified to go down to- afraid of the ghosts that could have been there. Convert your basement from what it is and expand its functions to what you envision it to be; an elegant family room, children’s playroom, and a man’s cave are some of the options from the endless opportunities that you can convert your basement to. Tailoring and designing your basement space to your family’s needs is just the first exciting step. Redesigning and remodeling the basement based on current basement design trends will maximize your home space, allow you to use all aspects of your home, and increase your home value. 

Modern Elegance with Open Spatial Design – Basement Design Trends

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The open floor plan concept is one of the most sought-after design trends of this age. It is the goal of many major reconstruction plans to implement this idea to form a communal space. The open space tends to create a sense of ease and illusion of the space being bigger than it is and it avoids visual noise that is created from walls. A sense of togetherness is created from being able to conduct tasks while still communicating with other family members in the space. Although it does not provide much privacy if you are looking to quietly do some work, many advantages arise from having an open concept floor plan.

Without walls and doors, the members of the family can flow through space without any obstructions, this further improves the aspect of sociability. Furthermore, natural light can also flow through and fill up the open basement with light from one end to the other. Another advantage of no walls and doors allows for the opportunity to lay out your furniture and accessories in different ways, which can also be reconfigured when the heart desires. The multifunctionality of an open space adds value to your home with the ability to serve as multiple rooms in one space.

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Entertainment Room in The Comfort of Your Own Home – Basement Design Trends

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Going to the cinema is always a popular option, but that feeling of leaving the movie that just ended brings some sorrow. What if I tell you that you can convert your basement into a media room as it is an exciting entertainment room for family and guests. A media room is a newly popular option for many homeowners. A theatre in your basement enhances the movie experience and transports you into another space all while you are at home. It could be costly, but it is dependent on you and the comfort you seek your basement to have. I assure you a media room will have your basement be the most used room in the house!

Do You Love Being a Host?

If you love to host and your friends are over, you have multiple guests or even if other family members are hogging up all the other bathrooms in your house- adding an extra bathroom space in the basement is a smart decision. In addition to renovating your basement as a guest suite and bathroom, it provides everyone with a comfortable and private space to utilize. Depending on the size of your home and your budget, you can include a bathroom with a guest suite in your basement design.

Cook-Offs for All!

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Set up a kitchen in the basement to enjoy yourself with your family or friends and have cook-offs. Having an extra kitchen becomes extremely helpful when hosting larger parties such as for Christmas or even a birthday. It’s possible to even have your kids bake cookies or cakes down there with friends and it will limit the visual mess in the main area of your home. You can take it to another level and add in a mini bar for game days. This elegant kitchen pictured above with a lot of light and a lighter colour palette is soothing to look at and can easily blend into the basement space.

Wine Not?

A wine cellar in the basement design is a luxurious accessory to any home. It would increase the value of your home exponentially as it is a luxury aspect. Also, it is a modern basement design trend that is unique and becomes a great considerable feature of the home. It can be the gathering spot for guests or family members to taste the great wine selection you have acquired over time and also supports your hobby by allowing you to be cost-effective when collecting wine. Collecting bottles of great wine is a great hobby and if it is yours, you can renovate and remodel your basement into a wine cellar.

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Multipurpose Spaces

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A popular idea that many homeowners lean towards is converting a part of their basement into a home gym. There can be no excuses for going to the gym if there is one right at home. You can work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle right in your home. Home gyms are adjustable to the size of space you have and you can host mini-classes with your friends or even hire a personal trainer! The concept of a gym in the basement has improved a lot of homeowners’ lifestyles especially since it includes not paying for a gym membership every month and never going. This concept benefits all members of the family as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important.

Is Music Your Passion? Are You Pursuing a Music Career?

Your basement can be your newest music studio! Music is a daily part of our lives. Being passionate about music is your sign to convert your basement into a studio. As the music industry is booming, so is this design trend. Many aspects go into setting up a music room. One must consider the soundproofing, amount of electricity needed, layout, and safety. A music studio in your home can look like a small room that is a soundproofed room to practice an instrument or the basement space can be a large studio for band practice! The choice is yours!

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The Perfect Hang out Spot

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Whether your teenage children have their friends over, your husband has a boy’s night, or even if you have the girlfriend over your home can be the “it” spot. Setting up arcade games and fun activities for everyone livens up your basement space. It is exciting and cool to create a basement design that always has some aspect of fun to it. It means you will never be bored in your own home!

Let There Be Light! 

The type of lights placed in your basement can make or break a space. Installing bright lights is worth it, especially during the winter months when it becomes dark outside very early in the day. It is always a popular trend to have light-filled spaces. Customize your lights when considering renovating your basement, as brighter-lit spaces make us feel more comfortable.


Why Got to A Bar when You Can Set One up In Your Home

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Crafting drinks in your basement setup bar is an enjoyable activity for when friends have come over. Replicate the experience of a bar through the use of furniture, accessories and lighting. It will dramatically change your basement into an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The Perfect Getaway for Your Guests

Guest suites are a suitable idea for your guests that you have over often. Providing a comfortable hotel-like space for your guests brings a sense of satisfaction. Having extra rooms is never a bad idea. When you don’t have any guests, utilize it for storage.

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Stay Relaxed in Your Home Spa

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One of the relaxing basement design trends is a spa that can be designed into your basement space. Features such as a sauna, jacuzzi and more can be added as relaxation items. This basement design trend is one of the best ones, especially if it’s just you and your partner that are there to use it in your home.

A Cozy Additional Living Space

Many people convert their basements into extra living space- the size of a cozy apartment. A smart move is that it can be rented out, which is an additional household income. Furthermore, use it for long-term guests as it provides a comfortable private space. Contact us for free basement design trends consultation and options.

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Storage Is Essential

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Having a variation of storage spaces within your basement has been one of the go-to basement design trends for centuries! Built-in shelves and cabinets are smart to maximize your space. If you have extra items in your house and need a place out of eye sight, using your basement as storage with organized closet designs helps maintain your household accessories and personal items in order.

Basement design has revolutionized the interior design space. Many people convert their basements into functional areas that all members of the family can use. Doing so increases your home value while providing extra living space or entertainment space. There are many more ideas available and you can use multiple ideas at once depending on the size of your space; turning your basement into being multifunctional. These basement design trends will help you improve and style your new basement. Which basement design are you going to use?

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